About Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is an analytical tool used to find out the actual problem preventing your body from sustaining itself and the precise whole-food nutrition that will redesign your body at the cellular level.  Done in the office without fancy equipment or lab tests, your body will tell us which organs are in distress.  We can identify the source of the stress and which whole-food nutrients are needed to nourish those organs back to optimum function.  This is not a quick-fix and great attention is paid to daily food choices as well as whole-food supplements.  But as we restore your health with good nutrition, symptom relief is a great side effect!



How quickly will I see results?

Many people feel a change during their first week on their nutrition program.  All results depend on how compliant you are with the changes I ask you to make.


Do I have to take a lot of supplements?

It is unusual that my clients are taking more than four different supplements at any one time.


How long do I have to stay on a program?

The first six weeks are a fine-tuning phase when we adjust supplements and diet changes.  The following six weeks are sometimes devoted to maintaining the positive effects you will begin to experience.  Then most people schedule a monthly check-up visit until they feel stable enough to go to a seasonal visit.


Is it expensive?

This program is specifically designed to be affordable!
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